Mentoring Sessions

     If you have already completed a hands-on training course elsewhere yet still find yourself struggling and without support from the company who trained you, a private  mentoring session may be for you

     Free, unlimited mentoring and support is available to anyone who  received their training from The Lash Bar. For those trained elsewhere,  The Lash Bar offers 1 and 3 hours, private mentoring sessions with Jill.  During your session you will be able to.

  • Shadow Jill as she works on actual clients.
  • Observe appointment flow and protocols.
  • Asks questions.
  • Talk through areas of struggle.

Mentoring sessions are not a substitute for extensive, hands on training.

Eligibility:  If  you are a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist and have already completed a reputable hands-on training course elsewhere, you are eligible to attend sessions.  All sessions are held at The Lash Bar in Gilbert.  Dates are chosen based upon availability and will be selected upon completion of payment and registration. Click below and follow the prompts to register for your session today!

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